About Millicent Hollingsworth


Millicent Angela Hollingsworth D.B.A. is a multitalented corporate business consultant and executive coach, based out of Memphis, Tennessee. After earning her M.B.A. in Finance from the Keller School of Graduate Management, she is currently earning her Doctorate of Business (ABD) from Argosy University, Mrs. Hollingsworth has more than a decade long tenure in the global foods processing and management industry. Her management and supervisory roles for a number of the largest food companies in the market including ConAgra Foods, coupled with her exemplary interpersonal skillset, prepared her to transition to the consulting sector.

Mrs. Hollingsworth’s current role is that of a Chief Business Development Officer of 40 Enterprises. She has made it a point of emphasis to focus on her client’s organizational and employee development by means of using real world experiences to teach consensus building, risk taking, and humility to solve any complex problem that may arise within their organizations. Mrs. Hollingsworth’s company is currently seeking to acquire contracts with government agencies in areas including professional development, leadership skills, management training, travel consulting, and motivational speaking.

Personal Mission Statement

My purpose is to express my ability to encourage intelligence and generosity by speaking life into others, being a lifelong learner and always giving from the heart. To be Dr. Millicent Angela Hollingsworth, to do what I love, and love what I do combining Food Science, professional speaking, and travel into a sustainable business. Where I am the number one celebrity diversity speaker paid $30,000 or more a speaking engagement, I am able to tithe at least $50,000,000 a year by December 29, 2016. I provide value and service to the world with my gift to gab.

Personal Value Statement

I operate in integrity holding the highest moral standards as a professional. As a leader I give guidance with wisdom, and always attempt to be just. I know that it is best to be collaborative honoring the work of the team. I believe in servant leadership helping others to get what they want, to be successful, and equipping them with them with the right tools.